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  • Core Values
    Core Values

    Ethics and integrity in all that we do. We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habitreadmore

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    Health and Safety

    We have comprehensive risk and safety management policies and procedures, based on the principle of accident prevention everywhere, at ...readmore

    • Largest supplier of Ready Mix concrete in the United Arab Emirates.
    • Market share (at 15 %) is approximately double that of our nearest competitor.
    • Leading Ready Mix Company in GCC
    • Annual Capacity of 10 Million m³ across all plants.
    • Prestigious Projects :
      • RTA Projects : 80% of all RTA Projects
      • Dubai EXPO 2020 Developments
      • Dubai Creek Harbour Developments
      • Palm Jumeirah Developments
      • KAFD Developments
      • Riyadh Metro Projects
  • Developer of New Technologies

    • Alterations IMPOSSIBLE on the mix design 24/7 web based centrally controlled mix design management software
    • IBB Probe : The revolutionary testing apparatus to save 50,000 m³ waste concrete annually
    • Supply Management System : Top notch online Quality & Fleet management system, gives Full Control from one central point
    • uTrack : Pioneering Online customer portal to place and track the status of the concrete order
    • “Very Green” Concrete : Almost NO cement, 60 MPa strength, Almost ZERO CO2 EMISSION, highly durable
    • L-365 Life Cycle Analysis : the long term durability of all types of green concrete
    • Involved in high rise projects of over 100 storeys.
    • Having 25+ batch plants throughout the all operations, with standby plants available for new erection.
    • Having a 95% successful delivery / time rating in line with our customer satisfactionsurveys
    • Recognized as the leading ready mix supplier in terms of technical excellence.
    • Acknowledged as the country’s leading exponent of( SSC) Self Compacting Concrete.
    • The only concrete company to hold EPD Certifications & all 3 major quality certificates – ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 from Lloyds of London.
    • Headcount of over 3200 employees
    • Fleet of over 600 specialized vehicles for RMC delivery
    • Record breaking pours
    • Employs many aspects of environmental protection – dust control, recycling of wash water, recycling of sewage water, recycling of aggregate.
    • Employs the best practice operational management system to control our production and delivery.
    • Devoted to R&D with a dedicated department, and their findings are frequently presented at international conferences.
    • Specialized in cost effective innovative solutions derived from our ongoing Research & Development.
    • Part of the Al Faraá group of construction industry companies which provides a comprehensive capability for all aspects of construction.