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    Core Values

    Ethics and integrity in all that we do. We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habitreadmore

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    Fact Sheet

    E-Mix : Alterations IMPOSSIBLE on the mix design 24/7 web based centrally controlled mix design software. IBB Probereadmore

  • The expertise of everyone working in the company is fundamental to our success. This extends from top management right through to drivers, operators and technicians. We conduct regular training in the use of equipment, safety, technology and work practices, to ensure that our 3,200 strong staff have capabilities second to none.    


    The company has a substantial and growing fleet exceeding five hundred units, consisting of Concrete Pumps, Static Pumps, Placing Booms, Cement Bulkers, Truck-trailers, Diesel & Water Tankers. Our fleet strength is closely matched to set Production targets, so the utilization of fleet and equipment is good. Maintenance is strictly planned and executed, to ensure the reliability of our assets performance. Unibeton even has several Concrete Pumps in it's fleet with a boom reach of 52 meters. This is very uncommon in most other producer's fleets. These pumps are particularly useful on sites where reach is a big problem.


    Unibeton has used it's wide experience in the industry and collaborated with InfoTrack Telematics Ltd., an international company with wide telecommunications IT experience, to develop a unique cutting edge and world first "Operations and Fleet Management System".

    This system fully automates and controls the Optimal Planning and Execution on all daily Production, Delivery and Pumping Programs countrywide, through Area Command Centers.   The system uses GPS and Wi-Fi networks to enable the live Visualization all operations covering the entire Supply Process, from Concrete Batching to the on-site arrival of trucks and Concrete Pumping.   All potential logistical and quality issues are foreseen by this system, allowing pre-emptive action to be taken.   In summary, it is an interactive logical system, which makes a highly dynamic and complex process, into a user friendly one which is easy to manage, and highly efficient on the use of productive resources.