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  • High Rise Pumping
    High Rise Pumping

    As buildings are constructed ever higher, the plumbing systems are becoming more complex. Unibeton outlines a system that can reduce bo...readmore

  • Production Facilities
    Production Facilities

    Unibeton has numerous Production branches covering the city and coastline of the GCC where the company originated 30 years ago.readmore

  • Unibeton specialises in the production, delivery and pumping of a broad range of customised concretes specifically tailored to meet our customer needs products that include green, self-compacting, high strength, light weight, lean and insulated concretes. Unibeton also provides shotcrete and screed. Our customised Self -Compacting Concrete assists contractors with favorable properties such as smoother surface finishes as well as speed and ease of placement.

    Normal Concrete Mixes:

    A full range of concrete mixes to suit a particular workability, strength or durability. Mixes may use ordinary Portland cement or also contain cement replacement materials designed to reduce the heat of hydration of setting concrete or for enhancing the durability.

    Self Compacting Concrete:

    Special concretes with a high workability designed to flow and compact under their own weight. Especially useful for densely reinforced concrete, large foundations, complex forms of insitu & precast concrete, Large floors etc.

    Architectural Concrete:

    High quality flat, Profiled, exposed aggregate, colored and white concrete where the emphasis is on the as-struck finished appearance. Any type of finish specially developed to your requirements, especially suitable for prestigious structures and buildings where long term durability is of prime importance.

    Lightweight Concrete:

    Mage from range of lightweight aggregates or foamed concrete to produce concrete that has density of between 30% - 70 % of normal concrete. Used for lightweight structural application, roof & floor screeds, increased fire resistance and enhanced thermal insulation properties.

    Fiber reinforced concrete:

    Concretes made from a range of steel, polymer and natural fibers, designed for partial replacement of steel reinforcement, crack control, wear and impact resistance or decorative concrete cladding.

    Green Concrete:

    A range of environmentally friendly concrete with a low carbon footprint between 7% - 27% of that normal OPC concretes whilst maintaining the strength and durability of traditional concrete. These include a series of cement - free concrete specially developed and only available from Unibeton.

    Recycled Concrete:

    Concretes made from recycled ingredients such as aggregates, crushed concrete, plastics, rubber etc., suitable for a wide range of non-structural applications.

    Heavyweight Concrete:

    High density concrete suitable for nuclear containment and reactors and hospital X ray facilities.

    High Performance Concrete:

    Concretes designed not only for high strength, but also sustainability, and specialist applications such as enhanced durability, abrasion resistance, reduced creep and shrinkage, fatigue resistance, enhanced fire resistance etc.

    Extruded Concrete:

    Special low workability concretes designed for extruded kerbs, floor beams and precast elements.


    Wet or semi-dry concreting materials propelled pneumatically against formwork or an existing concrete surface. Used for both new constructions such as free-formed pools and rock stabilization and repair work.

    Waterproof & Water Resistant Concrete:

    Concretes contain and integral water proofer. Used extensively for below ground work and membrane free structures. Waterproof concrete also provides enhanced protection for embedded steel reinforcement against corrosion in aggressive environment application.

    Pervious (Porous) Concrete:

    Special concretes for free draining surfaces such as car parks and sports surfaces such as tennis courts.

    Slip Form Concretes:

    Specialized concretes for continues casting of lift structures and circular tanks, chimneys and towers etc.

    White Concrete:

    Used for internal & external decorative work & Light reflecting surfaces, precast concrete and surface finishes etc.

    Tremie Concrete:

    Concrete somewhat similar to pumped concrete but placed through a tremie pipe, often used for piling and underwater concreting operations.

    We would be please to quote you for the supply of any type of concrete. Please give us your requirements.