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Thu, 30 May 2013

The largest Quantity of self compacting concrete in a single pour of 16000 m3 in the world Land Mark Tower - Abu Dhabi


The UAE Landmark Tower consists of a 16000m3 raft foundation which was cast in one single concrete pour in August 07.

The foundation is for a 72 floor tower which will be the tallest building in Abu Dhabi, standing 320 meters tall on the Corniche, next to Baynunah Hilton Tower Hotel. The Landmark Tower owner is DOPA.

When discussing the concrete requirements for this massive 16000m3 concrete raft foundation for the tower, the Engineers representing the Contractor, Al Habtoor-CCC Joint Venture, the project Consultant, Buro Happold, and the concrete supplier, Unibeton Ready Mix, finally opted for the single concrete pour using a specialized type of concrete called Self-Compacting Concrete, termed SCC, which was introduced to the UAE market by Unibeton in 2001. This type of ultra fluid concrete which requires no vibration when poured into the forms was deemed necessary for ensuring complete encasement of 26 different layers of steel reinforcement in the raft and also to greatly expedite and facilitate the construction process.

The quantity of concrete required for casting the raft foundation was equivalent to filling a total of 6.5 Olympic size swimming pools. The concrete supplier Unibeton Ready Mix spent hours of careful planning involving all of its divisions to put together a complete and refined plan involving adequate raw materials supply, quality concrete production, timeous concrete delivery to site and satisfactory concrete placement.

The raw material quantities for producing 16000m3 of SCC concrete consisted of approx. 7000tons of cementitious materials, 30000tons of aggregates, 70000 liters of super plasticiser,

1.34 million liters of water and 1100 tons of ice. Considering the current high cement demand in UAE construction materials market, Unibeton Ready Mix made special arrangements with its cement suppliers for a continuous supply of cement throughout the concrete pour.

Unibeton Ready Mix dedicated all 5 concrete batching plants from 3 locations, Mussafah, Mina Port and Umm Al Nar, producing 400m3/h taking 2 days to complete 16000m3 of concrete. 100 truck mixers transported the concrete to site and the concrete was placed in forms by 8 static pumps, 9 mobile pumps and delivery pipes. Unibeton used 650 personnel consisting of very dedicated engineers, specialists and highly trained operatives.

Unibeton Ready Mix expresses their special thanks to all of their suppliers for such professional and supporting service they all provided throughout this concrete pour.