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  • Core Values
    Core Values

    Ethics and integrity in all that we do. We are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habitreadmore

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    We have implemented environmental management systems to meet ISO 14001 standards. All our activities are undertaken with the strictest ...readmore

  • Unibeton has numerous Production branches covering the city and coastline of the GCC where the company originated 30 years ago. Each of our branches typically has two, but often three Batching Plants in operation.   All our facilities are contructed using the latest cutting edge industry technology and environmental considerations, so they are not only pleasent places to work, but more importantly, they have a minimal effect on the environment. We consider the full carbon footprint of the outlet, and limit it as much as possible, through careful consideration of;   Materials sources & processes Material Handling & storage methods Recycling of Materials including water Efficiency of entire manufacturing and delivery process

    Our Batching Plants and Ice Flake cooling Plants and Storage facilities, are predominantly from German and Italian suppliers. These have the most technologically advanced software & hardware, which not only enhances the capacity, accuracy and quality of the concrete mixes being produced, but also makes the equipment more Energy Efficient and reliable whilst minimizing Dust emissions.