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  • Being expert in supply of concrete for high rise buildings in terms of quality and concrete pumping operations at heights have led  UNIBETON to supply concrete for the majority of the tallest constructions in  Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah and Dubai.

    Pumping concrete up a high rise structure is an extremely complex operation. After a considerable amount of research and development, Unibeton have developed a range of highly specialized optimized concretes, specifically, to meet the exacting requirements of maintaining the strength, workability and plasticity of the concrete.

    But like all important aspects of construction, the success of the concrete pumping depends on careful intricate planning with the customer regarding the equipment and manpower, that UNIBETON is an expert that will lead the whole process proactively.

    Changes are made to the special concrete mix design to ensure the flow ability of the concrete through the pipeline as the height increases. The very uniform consistency of the concrete helps to speed up the rate of placing, compacting, and finishing, resulting in considerable savings in construction time.

    Unibeton highly specialized expertise in the field of high rise pumping makes them your obvious choice for your next high rise project.

    The success of a High Rise Pumping operation depends on the expertise of selection of right equipment, preparation of the right mix design, proper handling and maintenance of the whole system (pumps, placing booms, pipelines) in compliance with the EHS standards.

    Some of High Rise Projects of UB :

    1. Abu Dhabi Landmark Tower : 330 m
    2. Abu Dhabi ADNOC HQ : 342 m
    3. Riyadh CMA Tower : 400 m
    4. Dubai Marina 101 Tower : 412 m  and many more ...